The creation of a concert in which the musician becomes a sonic character has been one of my artistic desires for many years. Why? Because in the moment that I step onto the stage as a character, specific emotions arise in me which in turn have a huge impact on the musical performance. It is as if my mind, emotions and body were fused into a single entity with violin and voice.

The seed of this desire was the opportunity I had to experience the stage in a different way during my studies in Switzerland, where I both acted and played violin in the multidisciplinary play, Fenix. This experience opened me up to a new world of onstage expression and since then I have felt a fascination for the world of theatre. At the same time, I have felt driven to seek out opportunities to combine other art forms with the world of sound.

But it wasn’t until I arrived in Toronto that I began to create pieces for voice and violin inspired in nature. Since then, I have been constantly amazed by the range of sounds and harmonies that can be achieved by mixing voice, violin and theatrically inspired onstage movement. It is a way of creating a more profound and authentic connection with the music, as well as a greater physical and emotional awareness.

It was these experiences that led me to create Shika: Out of the Silence the Sound Is Born, a multidisciplinary concert with violin, voice, choreography, lights and projection, based on the flight of the eagle towards the horizon. Over these months of preparation with Sharon, the light designer, I have relived the theatrical experience that I first had some years ago. It is as if from each sound a light emerges, a tone, which in turn creates the emotional world of the music itself. This is something that I feel passionate about: to experience the stage so that the music becomes the main character, where the musician is not only a performer but also a sonic character.

shikaShika: Out of the Silence the Sound Is Born will take place Friday the 30th of May at 8pm at the George Ignatieff Theatre, University of Toronto. For more information and to buy tickets, please click here



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