A DanceWorks CoWorks Series Event

April 25-27, 2019 8pm

The Citadel: Ross Centre for Dance Mimi Herndorff Theatre
304 Parliament St.
Tickets $25.00 general admission

Paypal or reserve tickets: squashcourtcollective@gmail.com Cash only at the door.

Produced by the Squash Court Collective
Created and performed by: Paulina Derbez and Lucy Rupert Directorial outside eye: Liza Balkan
Music by: J.S. Bach
Original Music by: Paulina Derbez
Soundscape: Mitchell Cook
Visual design: Jaime Lujan Oros
Lighting design: Noah Feaver
Vocal coach: Fides Krucker
“Mirrors” is a dreamscape where music, movement, text, digital painting and the raw explosiveness of the two performing artists converge in an unforgettable world. Using their shared classical music training as a launching point, Mirrors both challenges and accepts rules in pursuit of freeing the voice that seeks to be heard.

Created with the support of Ontario Arts Council, Multidisciplinary Arts Projects program.

Lucy Rupert: squashcourtcollective@gmail.com
Facebook: @squashcourtcollective

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