Group Classes – Rhythm


  1. The teacher establishes a rhythm on a percussion instrument for the students to follow; i.e., teacher and students perform the same rhythm simultaneously on different percussion instruments. In this way, students not only learn to perceive a rhythm as a natural element within themselves, but also to follow a musical conductor
  2. Students move around the classroom following a rhythm performed by the teacher. They work with stable rhythms, with accelerando and rittardando. In this way, students develop a sense of rhythm at the physical level.
  3. Students create a free rhythm on their own, based on an image of Nature. In this exercise, students begin to express their own creativity and self-confidence in musical performance.
  4. A drum is placed in the centre of the classroom. The teacher and the students stand in a circle around the drum, at an equal distance from each other and from the instrument (about a metre and a half). The teacher approaches the drum and performs a rhythm. When the teacher has returned to her/his position, the student to her/his right approaches the drum and performs the same rhythm; then the next student, and so on around the circle. In this exercise, students develop their capacity for concentration, as well as their awareness of physical space.
  5. The students are located in different parts of the room, each with a different percussion instrument. The teacher performs a rhythm and calls out the name of one of the students at random. On hearing his or her name, the students performs exactly the same rhythm. This exercise helps the students to develop their ability to employ a total concentration.
  6. Students stand ready in performance position in front of the percussion instruments, with their eyes closed. The teacher performs a rhythm and, the students then repeat exactly the same rhythm together in unison. What is remarkable about this exercise is that, because of the training in respiration given in the workshops ( see GROUP CLASSES – NOTES ) , the students always begin their repetition together as a group, after a precise pause of silence between the teacher and students performances.

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