Paulina Derbez, violinist and author of The Conscious Musician, has given music courses for the last 20 years in Switzerland, Canada and Mexico in institutions such as Scuola Rodolf Steiner in Lugano, Festival Internacional de Música in Morelia, Academia Yuriko Kuronuma in Mexico City and Artscape Young Place in Toronto. Derbez recently gave masterclasses at Escuela Superior de Música in Mexico City and will be giving masterclasses at the Cultural Institute in Campeche, Mexico, in the spring of 2017.

Her teaching is based on the methodology of The Conscious Musician. Her book is published in English as an eBook and in Spanish as both an eBook and in printed version available in Mexico’s main bookstores. El Músico Consciente is on the catalogue of music libraries around the world, such as Biblioteca Blesdel, Lugano, Centro Eielson Universitá di Firenze, the Conservatory of Music in Puerto Rico, Escuela Vida y Movimiento, Mexico City and Conservatorio de Guijón, Spain.


“The Conscious Musician by Paulina Derbez is a trove of ideas to help discover the true meaning of making music, and gives guidance on how to practice your instrument in daily life. Education in the music schools of the world today need clear, simple and innovative proposals like this… for me, this is more than a book; it is a workbook, a companion, a friend, an advisor.”

Mabel Rodríguez, teacher, Escuela Superior de Música, Mexico City

“When I took the Innovative Technical Course for Daily Study of an Instrument with Paulina Derbez I realized that it’s incredible how you can improve by knowing how to use all its resources. By using all the new resources I learned, the quality of my study, the sound and the results I get are always good. Thanks to this, my physical tensions, stress, and all those obstacles to improving have been falling away, and if I continue with the method I know that they will disappear. I am very happy with this method.”

Raquel Gómez, undergraduate student, Escuela de Música y Danza, Monterrey, Mexico

Paulina Derbez offers talks, masterclasses, workshops and Skype sessions. For more information contact: info@paulinaderbez.com


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