“Paulina Derbez performs the piece Shika with amazing virtuosity and command… bringing us into the mysterious world of the eagle with the use of her violin, her voice and very simple choreography. While it is amazing that she can do all these things at the same time, it is her artistic vision that allows us to forget this complexity and be transported into a state in which we feel that we experience the eagle’s point of view. Paulina uses her voice wonderfully… the musical movement between violin and voice is very satisfying and her fine sense of theatre amplifies this.”

Fides Krucker
Canadian contemporary music singer

Shika brings together diverse elements of contemporary music. Alluding metaphorically to nature through the image of the eagle, the piece moves through different sensory states, with unexpected, abrupt and dissonant movements, along with the fusion of harmonic and classical intervals, and of voice and body in the excellent performance of the artist Paulina Derbez; these all offer the public a unique, expressive and profound musical experience.”

Hugo Ares
Installations Curator, Programmer and Coordinator
aluCine, Toronto Latin Media Festival

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