Paulina Derbez, violinist and author of The Conscious Musician , has given music courses for the last 20 years in Switzerland, Canada, Austria and Mexico in institutions such as Scuola Rodolf Steiner in Lugano, Festival Internacional de Música in Morelia, Academia Yuriko Kuronuma in Mexico City and Artscape Young Place in Toronto. Derbez has given masterclasses in musical institutions such as Escuela Superior de Música in Mexico city Instituto Cultural de Campeche in Mexico and Escuela de Artes de la Universidad de Costa Rica.She has been part of the faculty of the International Festival and Master Course Music in the Alps in Bad Gastein, Austria where she taught The Conscious Musician Seminar.

Her teaching is based on the methodology of The Conscious Musician. Her book is published in English as an eBook and in Spanish as both an eBook and in printed version available in Mexico’s main bookstores. El Músico Consciente is on the catalogue of music libraries around the world, such as Biblioteca Blesdel, Lugano, Centro Eielson Universitá di Firenze, the Conservatory of Music in Puerto Rico, Escuela Vida y Movimiento, Mexico City and Conservatorio de Guijón, Spain. Derbez holds a master degree in music pedagogy from Escola Superior di Musica di Catalunya, Spain.


“I had the opportunity to observe the work of Paulina Derbez during the Music in the Alps Music Festival celebrated in Bad Gastein, Austria in the summer of 2018. The kind of innovative work I observed integrated the intellectual, emotional and physical aspects of making music in a way that brought out the best capacities of the student she was working with to reach her highest potential. I believe that truly great music making can only happen when the whole of the person is involved in it. In my years as a performer and conductor I had not seen this kind of work where the teacher facilitates the work of the student at the depth Paulina Derbez does. As a conductor I would love to work with her in deepening my connection with all aspects of music making and I truly think the music world is crying for this kind of unique work and the human and holistic approach that Paulina Derbez brings to the music world.”

Mercedes Díaz, Conductor and ABD

“I have discovered that my body can be the basis for a free and enjoyable performance. Little by little, the stage, far from being a coliseum where we feel exposed, turns into a synonym for enjoyment.

This has been a process that I have enjoyed greatly. The learning experience goes on!

-Rosa Romero, bachelor in music education and violinist of the OSCAM Orchestra.

The participation of Rosa Romero in the International Festival and Master Course was featured in the media of Campeche. To see the details please click the following link:

Cultura Campeche

“Music in the Alps was a magical experience for me. I feel refreshed and happy. It changed my life. It was very demanding and the teachers were committed with our deep learning. To be among great musicians and with high level students inspired me and changed my relationship with music and life. Thank you very much to Paulina Derbez for being there everyday and for open my eyes to a whole new world of learning. Without a doubt the methodology of The Conscious Musician has had a huge impact in my life. I hope more and more musicians and artists can find this way of making music and art.” 

-Itzel Conde, bachelor degree in music performance by Sistema Nacional de Fomento Musical

Paulina Derbez offers talks, masterclasses, workshops and Skype sessions. For more information contact: info@paulinaderbez.com

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