Musical Presentation

Musical Presentation


At the end of a cycle of group classes, the groups take part in a musical presentation in front of and audience.

Each group of the Integral Development Course performs a musical piece based around a short story (usually a child’s fantasy story or fairy tale). The teacher narrates the story while at the same time conducting a musical performance of the students, who are, in effect, providing the soundtrack for the story. In this way, the musical interpretation of each student represents a specific aspect of the story being told.

The chamber music groups also present specific musical pieces in the presentation. These pieces are strictly musical ( i.e., no story narrated ), however the pieces are always practised and developed using images of Nature. Students studying a musical instrument may perform as part of a group and/or as soloists in the musical presentation.


The main objectives of the public presentation are for each student:

  • to overcome the fear of performing in public
  • to develop a genuine connection between their internal world and the musical world
  • to develop the ability to be physically, emotionally, and mentally present onstage
  • to experience the stage as a magical space where music is the main character


It is very important that students are physically and mentally prepared for the musical presentation in public. To this end, as part of the rehearsals prior to the presentation, students engage in an exercise in which they imagine themselves playing their instruments well. This visualization exercise helps to give students the confidence and peace of mind necessary for public performance. Physical relaxation and concentration exercises are also important aspects of each rehearsal, and should also be carried out at home. Such exercises are necessary for the group or soloist to have the energy and expression required for the presentation.

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