By Paulina Derbez, M. Mus. + HeartMath Certified® Mentor

“It is within the wisdom of our hearts that we can truly connect with the power of music”                                                                                                                                     Derbez, 2021

In today’s world, music undergraduate students and professors are overloaded with activities such as exams, concerts, auditions, personal practice and so forth. This can lead to different levels of stress. Over time, this stress can have an impact on student performance and on teacher instruction. All of this can take us far away from the true meaning of making music.

When I discovered the power that lies within the intelligence of our hearts and started to apply it, I was blown away by its positive impact on my performance and teaching. I discovered that, for example, performance anxiety does not come from an anxious mindset but from our hearts. If our hearts are incoherent, caused by a depleting emotion like stress, this will cause incoherence in our brain and tension in our physical and emotional performance. On the other hand, if we apply different coherence techniques to our hearts, we will be creating heart coherence and brain coherence. This will without a doubt result in a more powerful and meaningful performance.

As a teacher, I know how demanding teaching schedules can be. We go from one class to another and sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the curriculum that our students have to cover. This can create depleting emotions that can affect our teaching abilities and our own health. Applying different coherence techniques will not only give us the emotional balance we need for each class but will also have an impact on our student’s development.

Heart Intelligence for Musicians is designed to empower music students, performers, and teachers with The HeartMath Building Personal Resilience™ program. Here are some of the benefits of the program:

  • More resilience and vitality
  • An overall sense of well-being
  • Mental clarity and focus
  • Improved relationships
  • Increased composure in challenging situations
  • More effective communications
  • Improved cooperation among co-workers and team members
  • A balanced relationship with music and your musical instrument
  • Overcoming stage fright
  • Improved ability to deliver the school curriculum
  • Improved ability to manage your music teaching
  • A more balanced and effective musical daily practice
  • A deeper connection with music and with the stage
  • A balanced student-teacher relationship
  • More joy in music performance, music learning and music teaching

Heart Intelligence for Musicians

Where: Online or in-person

Fees: CAD150 for private 60-minute sessions. CAD720 for 6 sessions.

CAD200 for semi-private (2 participants) 70-minute sessions. CAD1,000 for 6 sessions.

Special group class rates available upon request.

Sessions available in English, Spanish and Italian. For more info and to arrange payment contact Paulina at

Payments can be made via PayPal or bank transfer.

Paulina Derbez, M.Mus.

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