Paulina Derbez is an award wining classical and avantgarde violinist, a Tedx speaker and author of The Conscious Musician book. She performs and gives conferences and courses in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Austria, Italy and Switzerland

Distinguished mexican prize 2019

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One of the 50 celebrities that are transforming Mexico 2013

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One of the Top ten most successful Mexicans in Canada

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Paulina Derbez conquered Koerner Hall

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“Reflections of the Heart” a composition for violin, voice and nature by Paulina Derbez was short listed in the Petrichor International Music Competition 2022. For more information visit 2022 Music Competition | Petrichor Records

“Paulina’s performance was wonderful… it took me into a beautiful journey…it was more than a concert”

Annis Tebbutt, St Olave’s Guild Art


By Paulina Derbez, M. Mus. + HeartMath Certified® Mentor

The Conscious Musician Seminar

“The Conscious Musician Program is exactly the missing component to classical musical curriculums”

Y.Lee, M.Mus, Guildahll School of Music




Testimonials – The Conscious Musician Seminar in Toronto

“I feel much more confident and relaxed when I perform. I have a clear idea in my mind about the pieces I play. Now my relationship with music is fantastic and powerful. I have a closer and deeper relationship with the violin. I discovered in The Conscious Musician Seminar thar my mission as an artist is to help people to forget in a concert about their problems and touch their hearts”

Rogerio Pérez, bachelor in violin University of Veracruz

“My relationship with music has become much deeper. When I do visual motor rehearsal, I can see the pieces from above and understand how to phrase a musical piece. I see the violin to connect with other dimensions, to connect with the source of each musical work. I don’t compare my self any more with other violinists. I now believe that my mission as an artist is to show the audience other realities where they can also connect with the source of music and transform themselves in a musical event. I have become a sonic character on the stage and feel in my heart every emotion I want to express.”

Rosa Romero, bachelor’s in music education University of Veracruz

“Rosa and Rogerio played so beautifully and with such passion and precisión at the presentation of The Conscious Musician Seminar in Toronto. All the students were fantastic!”

Jacqui O’Casey, Iyengar teacher

Paulina Derbez - The Concious Musician

If you really want to know the real meaning of making music, this book is a must in your library.

The Conscious Musician is a book orientated to modify the parents and teachers perception about the teaching and learning music process. Paulina Derbez based on her own experience wrote this book that works as a learning manual and a synthesis of the real meaning of making music.

“The Conscious Musician’ A stunning work, destined to change the perception of music teaching held by parents, teachers and students completely”

Jorge Volpi, author and director of the Cultural Department of UNAM

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