Depictions of a concert Paulina Derbez & Jaime Luján

In Depictions of a concert, Luján draws interactive outlines derived from the musical compositions of Derbez. The two artists join forces in this book, innovating interdisciplinary art in our times and allowing the reader to see, hear and experience new artistic frontiers. (More info)

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The Consious Musician


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Altri-Suoni-Portada“Two Women meet to honour the Elements of Nature such as Fire and Water. In different ways they incarnate the power of Earth Mother and are carriers of the spiritual aspects of sounds. Textual sounds, words and phrases expressed inter-changeably and in overlap between Nahuatl, Ojibwe-Odawa and Mexican-Spanish, all of them connected through their inherent and ancestral ‘sound-meaning”



“Altri Suoni is a musical and spiritual journey!”

Dara Turestky-Blaker from

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