“Mirrors is a dreamscape where music, movement, text, digital painting and the raw explosiveness of the two performing artists converge in an unforgettable world. Using their shared classical music training as a launching point, Mirrors both challenges and accepts rules in pursuit of freeing the voice that seeks to be heard. 

Including original text and adapted text from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, this 45 minute duet is a most unique version of the triple threat, its two performers moving, singing, speaking as though in a kaleidescope. Performed by two unforgettable performers with a combined 40-plus years of experience experimenting with form and sound.”

-Springworks 2017

Mirrors has been presented at the prestigious Koerner Hall and will part of the Springworks Festival in Stratford, Ontario. In 2016 Mirrors was awarded with a grant from Ontario Arts Council.

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Collaborators currently include sound designer Mitch Cook, visual artist Jaime Lujan Oros, outside eye Liza Balkan, vocal coach Fides Krucker and lighting designer Michelle Ramsay.Research and development of Mirrors generously supported by Ontario Arts Council, the Multidisciplinary Arts Projects Program.

Choreography by Lucy Rupert and violin and voice pieces by Paulina Derbez. As a third musical character there will be the Adagio and Fugue in G minor by J.S. Bach for solo violin.


 Paulina Derbez 

“One of the Top ten most successful Mexicans in Canada” 

The Globe and Mail

Lucy Rupert

“an orchid among forget-me-nots”

Toronto Star


Video from Koerner Hall Performance October 2016

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