Reflections, from Squash Court Collective featuring choreography and dancing by Lucy Rupert, and music by Paulina Derbez, was my favourite performance of the night. The piece explored both women’s journeys to freeing their true selves. Derbez’s violin, singing, and breathwork were haunting and soulful, and Rupert’s movements were expressive and powerful. Both women performed as though they were conjuring spirits to rise.
-Mooney on theater

Mirrors is a unique artistic experience in which the public gets captivated by the interplay of light and sound, which constitutes a complex fight and peace-making with our inner self. Paulina’s powerful voice and violin playing go deep into your unconscious. Light, sound and dance combine from the first moment of the performance constituting an intense journey towards yourself that nevertheless ends in a reconciliation, acceptance and peace.

This is an incredible achievement in the realm of introspective performing arts.

Itzel Avila, Luthier

Mirrors was premiered in Toronto at The Citadel Theater in spring 2019.

We thank to Ontario Arts Council for their support to make this premiere possible.

A DanceWorks CoWorks Series Event

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