Last spring I had the honor of working with very talented musicians from the Campeche Symphony at the Cultural Institute in Campeche, Mexico. We worked with the strategies of The Conscious MusicIan for daily practice and performance. The results were wonderful. Here some comments from the participants:

“Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking the master course The Conscious Musician with the professor Paulina Derbez. I enjoyed very much the positive vision to encounter our fears and other aspects regarding music performance on the stage. What I have learned from the course  it will take me to be a better violinist and more important to enjoy in a deeper way every musical piece I perform”

-Yvonne Rubio

“This is the first time in my career that I learned how to prepare physically and mentally before my performance which it took me to another level of interpretation. I felt a deeper and relaxed connection with my instrument which had a very positive impact on my posture and sound projection. I learned the importance of having a clear sonic map in my mind before playing the pieces. It was a wonderful experience that had a very positive impact on my performance and life!”

-Rogerio Arturo Pérez


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